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Additional weight of Plus Series offers golfers optimum balance

SuperStroke, the fastest-growing putter grip on Tour and brand of choice for Masters champion Jordan Spieth, has launched a new Plus Seriesgrip that allows golfers to add and remove weight to the club to find the perfect balance on the greens.

The stylish grip – available in two sizes in the Legacy model and one in the Flatso – features a proprietary threaded cap design that allows golfers to quickly install a 50g weight to instantly change feel and balance. The weight is easily installed and removed from the Plus Seriesgrip with the SuperStroke-branded wrench.
Now there’s a much easier way of finding that perfect balance" “Up until now, golfers looking to add weight to their putter would have to go to a PGA Professional to get lead weighting put on the club head, but now there’s a much easier way of finding that perfect balance with the adjustable Plus Seriesgrip,” said Tony Fletcher, SuperStroke head of sales in Europe.

“It’s down to the golfer’s personal preference, but he or she may want to add weight when playing on slower greens and take the weight out to accommodate faster putting surfaces.”

The new Plus Seriesgrips are available in both black and yellow for the XL Flatso and 2.0 and 3.0 Legacy models.

Available: April 2015
SRP: £34.90

For more information on the Plus Seriesgrips and all other SuperStroke models, including the brand’s new club grips, please visit

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