What are your favourite trophies or weird giveaways? Join the Fourball team in going to space with a year's supply of seaweed

Arnold Palmer was one of, if not, the best-dressed golfers and for the past few years at Bay Hill the winner has received a red Peruvian Alpaca cardigan. So naturally this led to us discussing our favourite golf prizes and keepsakes…

Joe: Never mind the Green Jacket or even the weird little sword that the Trophee Hassan II winner gets – although that is pretty cool – this is all about the Kenya Ladies Open trophy.

The winner of the LET event receives a model giraffe which is tastefully decorated with a whole range of colours. This is undoubtedly one of the most strange awards out there but who doesn’t want a multicoloured giraffe? I know I do.


Alex: The Green Jacket is exactly the same colour as Plymouth Argyle’s home shirt so this Torquay United fan is not interested in winning one of those, thank you. 

Do you remember a few years ago when Andy Sullivan won a trip to space for a hole-in-one at the KLM Open. I wonder when that voucher expires…

Mark: In the unlikely event that I were to win on a global tour event then I would definitely want an item of clothing or at least some vouchers for some clothes. Maybe ASOS or Massimo Dutti as a real treat. What are you going to do with a weird trophy? 

My favourite jacket is the one the winner of the Heritage receives which has a nice mix of a nod to Scotland with its tartan effect while also making every champion look like Rodney Dangerfield in the dinner dance scene in Caddyshack. Pretty much perfect.

Dan: I was speaking to a former European Tour stalwart who told me that part of his prize for winning a tournament in Japan in the 1980s was a year’s supply of seaweed. I’m not entirely sure what he did with it. How much even is a year’s supply of seaweed?

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