Catching your irons fat

It was time for another trip down to the Shack to see the Pro as there is another part of my game that needs a bit of attention.

I have noticed that on a few occasions I have been catching my irons a bit fat. It’s not happening as much as my previous problems but its something I’d like addressing.

Ball Position

The Pro noticed that the ball was too far forward in my stance. Letting old habits creep back into my game isn’t what I want to be doing. He explained that having that ball forward in the stance means that my centre of gravity is behind the ball and my swing bottoms out before the ball, resulting in hitting behind the ball.

The address position is something that needs some serious work down at the range.

The Drill

The Pro showed me a really clever drill to help me keep the weight forward and make sure that I am not going to bottom the swing out before the ball. After hitting the ball simply walk after it. Trying this drill really helps you keep that weight forward on your front front and the results were really good.

Key Points:

1- Ball in the middle of your stance

2- keep your weight forward