How does the Srixon Q Star Tour Divide perform? Hannah Screen tests out one of the brightest balls on the market to find out...

Srixon has a wide variety of golf balls to cater for every golfer’s needs. So what does the Srixon Q Star Tour Divide golf ball offer that’s different? I tested out this eye-catching ball to find out.

Srixon Q Star Tour Divide golf ball review: NCG Summary

Srixon Q Star Tour Divide golf ball review
Srixon Q Star Tour Divide golf ball review

The Srixon Q Star Tour Divide is a low compression golf ball designed for moderate swing speeds that offers true, soft feel and a stable flight.


  • Soft feel
  • Optimum spin for low compression
  • Bright golf ball with visual feedback


  • May lose distance
  • Two colour design can be distracting for some players

Srixon Q Star Tour Divide golf ball review: First Impressions

Straight out of the box, this ball is very bright. The 50/50 block colour split is designed to provide easy putting alignment and give great visual feedback on spin for chip and pitch shots around the green.

If blue and yellow are not your thing, fear not, the Srixon Q Star Tour Divide comes in three colourway options, blue/yellow, orange/yellow and red/yellow.

Srixon Q Star Tour Divide golf ball review

Initially, I was apprehensive about using this ball as it is so different to what I visually look down on at address. But, I was pleasantly surprised at the results and the overall appeal.

Srixon Q Star Tour Divide golf ball review: NGC Verdict

I tested the blue and yellow colourway by hitting a number of different shots, focussing on approach shots into the greens and short game shots to see how the divide pattern looked in the air.

I noticed a slight drop off in distance with driver, woods and mid-irons. However, there was no distance change with full wedges shots which I was pleased about. This ball is designed for lower compression so if your swing speed is moderate to slow this could be a great option.

I was really impressed with the spin I got from the Srixon Q Star Tour Divide. The striking colour contrast meant I could really see the spin my ball had through the air and then when landing on the green. It was really satisfying hitting full wedge shots and seeing them spin up.

Additionally, around the green, I got a good amount of check and stopping power, which again was fun to watch with higher flop shots.

I think these are a great tool for practicing as well as taking out on the golf course as they give you so much feedback on the strike and flight of the golf ball.

Srixon Q Star Tour Divide golf ball

The feel of the Srixon Q Star Tour Divide was extremely soft which was great around the greens and whilst putting as well. However, I was not a fan of the feel with longer shots as it felt a little dead off the face. Once again this could be due to my compression rate and swing speed so moderate swing speed golfers may not have this problem.

This design really comes into its own on the putting green. It can really help with alignment and also seeing how your ball rolls out short and long putts.

A box of Srixon Q Star Tour Divide golf balls is £29.99. This is a great price for a high-tech golf ball made for more moderate swing speeds, as well as the fun and helpful bold colour pattern to improve your game.

The Srixon Q Star Tour is a great ball if you like bright colours and want to be able to see the spin of the ball more. If your swing is moderate to slow you could see some real gains in stopping power with its soft cover and feel and could be a great ball for you.

Srixon Q Star Tour Divide golf ball review: The Details

Available: Now

RRP: £29.99

More information: Srixon website

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Hannah Screen

Hannah Screen has recently turned professional after a successful amateur career, she has represented England at junior and ladies' levels and played golf for the University of Oklahoma. She recently graduated with a degree in journalism and is currently splitting her time playing tournament golf, and testing golf equipment, mainly golf balls.

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