Srixon have announced the release of the Z-Star premium golf ball range, promising golfers long-hitting performance, increase spin around the greens and a ball that conquers the wind.

The new Z-Star and Z-Star XV feature a newly developed Speed Dimple Pattern, enhanced Spin Skin, new Energetic Gradient Growth Core and a super soft urethane cover for an even softer feel.

he high initial velocity, high launch angle, and low spin create a powerful trajectory that conquers the wind, for longer distance.

A new 324 Speed Dimple Pattern features a more uniform surface area for lower aerodynamic resistance. 

This results in even more airflow around the ball during flight, giving the Z-Star and Z-Star XV a powerful trajectory with longer distance.

The Z-Star features a super-soft Energetic Gradient Growth large-diameter core. This affords golfers a greater contrast between the hard outer region and soft inner than the previous model, meaning higher launch angles and lower spin rates are produced from the tee, but maintains the soft feel.

In the Z-Star XV, a high-resistance Ionomer ultra-thin mid-layer has been added. 

This increases mid-layer hardness, further improving the contrast between the hard outer and soft inner for high launch angles and low spin, resulting in a firmer feel and even more distance than the Z-Star.

The newly developed coating and urethane cover deliver softer feel and stable spin performance

The new Srixon Z-Star range balls will be available in pure white and tour yellow.

Available: February 2015

SRP: £45 per dozen