We are living in an age where our digital footprint is larger than ever. Social norms have been directed in the expectation of online social media, and we are inevitably consumed by it. All of our friends have it, our families, even our grandparents are most likely rocking a profile picture with a Santa frame on it.

Everywhere we go, we carry our mobile phones, hopping from one application to another, answering various messages and checking numerous notifications. While we can’t tell you whether this is a worthwhile lifestyle, we can definitely say it’s a popular choice.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that online casinos are jumping onto the social media bandwagon, to form a combined social casino. A prime example of this would be Chumba casino. Here, players can play online with friends, chat to them while playing, and overall enjoy a more social casino experience. While social casinos haven’t been around for a long time, they are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason.

The idea of socialising while gambling online heightens the sense of authenticity. As a result of this move, online casinos, now more than ever, resemble land casinos. When one goes to a casino, one is faced with numerous interactions: be it with the card dealer, fellow players, servers, or observers. 

Gambling, as with most activities, retains a particularly social element, an element which, for a long time, was missing in online casino. This is why casinos such as Chumba casino have chosen to add this social bonus to their platform.

Sports betting is also a highly popular pastime for many people. Aside from the drive to win money, comes the passionate initiative of the actual sport. Most sports punters are dedicated followers of sports, as can be seen in football as well as many other sports. 

Additionally, many sports betting platforms encompass enormous varieties of sports, from darts to cycling, from rugby to football! This allows followers of the less popular sports to form online communities and discuss sports that aren’t particularly mainstream in most countries. 

The rate of sports betting has risen considerably and parallel to the rise of social casinos. So, what’s the link? Our theory is simple – people enjoy other people! Whether it’s to argue which team is more likely to win, to give a word of advice, to offer support or a myriad of other reasons! 

In a world where we are virtually connected in every sense, people seek such connections everywhere. The idea of combining one’s love for sports, a monetary initiative, coupled with a social aspect, is honestly quite genius! We can certainly understand why such a system is sought after in the industry. 

The bottom line is that people enjoy engaging in social settings and this acts as a bonus for any activity. In most pastimes, there’s a social element of some sort, so we don’t see why gambling should be left out of that bracket!