The decision by Torbay mayor Gordon Oliver to place a non-development covenant on the whole of Churston golf course will, according to council officers, probably lead to a drop in value of assets totalling £47 million.

The course’s 1st and 18th holes were free from planning restrictions and are considered an ideal site for new houses due to its lack of environmental sensitivity.

Tim Lake, chairman of Churston, said: “The mayor’s inexplicable decision to impose this covenant is definitely not in the best interests of the local community and does Torbay Council no favours as they will lose over £5.5 million of extra income and face an asset drop of £47 million.

“If the mayor does the sensible thing and allows the golf club development to go ahead, around 90 per cent of the green strip between Churston and Brixham will be safe, secure and well-maintained for the benefit of everybody. Unfortunately, in the long run, the people most likely to suffer from the mayor’s decision are the residents living closest to the golf course.”


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