South African golfer killed by crocodile

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Jacques van der Sandt killed by 4-metre crocodile in 'Lake Panic' water hazard.

A golfer was killed by a crocodile while attempting to retrieve balls from a water hazard known as Lake Panic.

South African Jacques van der Sandt had been on the par 3 9th at Skukuza Golf Course. The 150m hole is played over Lake Panic and Van der Sandt entered the water, where he was grabbed around the chest by the crocodile and dragged under the water.

The course is located in Kruger National Park and general manager Dr Freek Venter said: “It is an unfortunate incident where a promising life was cut short and our condolences go out to the family and friends of the victim.
"Investigations are ongoing to establish the exact circumstances as it was an unnatural death." According to a police spokesperson, Van der Sandt and a friend jumped into Lake Panic, which runs through the nine-hole golf course. On the fourth occasion of him jumping into the lake, the crocodile, which was allegedly visible earlier in the day, put its jaws around Van der Sandt’s chest and dragged him away.

After searching the dam for over two hours, the 4m crocodile was spotted and killed. The victim’s body was retrieved without any mutilation, except the animal’s teeth marks at the back and the front.

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