Soren Kjeldsen is a Danish golfer and Srixon/Clevelend staff player who plays on the European Tour. He has won 4 times on the tour with his most recent victory coming at the Irish Open in 2015.

The Dane is renowned for his skills around the greens so we caught up with him in Abu Dhabi to ask him if he would share some of those tips with us.

The first tip Soren shared with us was the chip and run shot. Here explains how best to approach it.

The first thing Soren wants you to do is assess your options. You will have two of them. Either putt it or chip it.

Once you’ve made the decision to chip it the next choice is club selection.

Soren explains that he usually uses an 8 iron for this sort of shot because he isn’t trying to get a lot of loft.

Club selected, now you have to execute the shot. Soren says that is is very important to keep your feet quite close together through the shot. He sees a lot of golfers with very wide stances which makes them move all over the place and as a result fail to find the bottom of the ball.

Keep your weight ever so slightly on the left hand side.