How did you get into golf?
I grew up on a golf course at Eagles Golf Centre in Norfolk. My parents started out with one driving range mat and the rest is history. I used to do everything from cutting greens to fertilising fairways and managed to play some golf in between.

Who were your heroes growing up?
It has to be Tiger Woods, he completely changed the game and watching him play truly inspired me to get out there and improve.

How would you describe your game?
Natural. I went through a phase of having a few lessons and found that I lost my feel. I just used to walk up to the ball and hit it. That’s when I enjoy the game the most.

What’s your handicap now and the lowest you’ve been?
I’ve been down to scratch, I’m playing off four at the moment. I took a couple of years out so it takes a little while to regain the consistency but it’s coming though!

I also feel confident and comfortable with my golf clubs for the first time in years. I’m currently using the Wilson Staff FG62s which are simply exceptional!

How did you get into TV?
I was in the right place at the right time. I’d never really thought of going into TV but got the chance to work with Setanta and it ignited a passion to work in front of the camera.

I’m now working with Sky Sports Golfing World programme where I have a regular ‘fit for golf’ section. The best thing is getting the chance to talk about something I’m so passionate about.

What’s it like working in what is generally a men’s world?
Good fun most of the time. It’s certainly a bonus to be able to stand out when I turn up on a corporate golf day and play against 20 men!

Lots of the barriers in golf are slowly coming down, though there are still some very traditional clubs/golfers who find it hard to respect that woman can play as good a game as the men.

You only had to watch the Solheim Cup recently and the fact that Sky showed every shot to realise this.
Lots of the barriers in golf are slowly coming down, though there are still some very traditional clubs/golfers who find it hard to respect that woman can play as good a game as the men. Who has been your favourite interview?
Matteo Manassero as I got to go to Puglia in Italy which was stunning! Rory and GMac weren’t too bad either.

Is golf getting younger, particularly in the women’s game?
Definitely, I think the younger players on tour are inspiring lots more young people to get involved, it’s becoming more accessible and dare I say ‘cooler’.

Everything from the clubs to the clothing is getting trendier and playing a part in attracting a new and exciting generation of golfers both male and female.

Do many of your girlfriends play?
Zero, which is probably why I didn’t play as much when I was younger.

How fashionable has golf become?
Golf clothing is becoming more vibrant and fitted, most of my Hugo Boss kit I could even wear on a night out.

It’s something that I always wanted to happen when I was younger, for the golf brands to bring some colour and style to the course.

Describe a typical exercise workout for you?
I have always favoured weights over cardio but now try to mix the two as stamina is just as important as strength and stability.

I start off with a 15-20 minute run, followed by a 45-minute full body weights circuit. I like to keep my rest time to 30-40 seconds max to keep my heart rate up, this way I can work in a cardiovascular way with weights.

After my weights circuit, I always make sure I stretch, a lot of people don’t understand the importance of stretching, especially when it comes to training for golf.

What’s your favourite course played and the one you would most like to play?
It has to be Valderrama, I was lucky enough to play it for the first time last year as a birthday present from my management. It was even better than I imagined.

I soaked up every minute and loved the way I had to really think about every shot, it’s all about tactics.

I also played the De Vere Carrick in Loch Lomond recently which was another stunning track.
One day I dream of playing Augusta!

Best-looking golfer on tour?
It would have to be Adam Scott.

Where do you want to be in five years?
Hopefully still doing what I love, enjoying my golf, presenting and modelling. I’ve got big ideas for a clothing brand and aim to develop Horn fitness as well as becoming increasingly involved in the golf world…. I’m aiming for the stars!

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