The day Tiger Woods broke the internet

In the run up to Christmas, this week has been witness to some pretty wacky and hilarious moments from the world’s best, watch out for an appearance off Tiger Woods!

Trick shots have reached a new low

This should not even be classed as a trick shot… However, it’s turned out to be one anyway!

Nobody would have guessed that the golfing viral video of the year would have been shot that went badly wrong. There have been some outstanding trick shots and golf shots in general throughout 2016 which have amazed a lot of people, but it is this shot ‘gone-wrong’ that is our favourite..

When the winter months start rolling in and courses starting to be unplayable most golfers will accept these signs and hang up their spikes for a month or two. But, this does not apply to some breeds of golfers who are determined to play through every type of condition.

Serves him right for not taking a drop? Or is it just unlucky that he caught it a tad fat? Either way I hope his playing partners had a spare towel for him!

There are those talented golfers that simply excel through all weather.. cue Phil Mickelson.

A wild GOAT was spotted 

Making the best of the American winter weather, Michael Jordan was spotted by the Bryan Bros playing a few holes at the Floridian course in Palm City. When I say ‘playing’, it could easily be passed off as hacking.

Jordan is arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, a true GOAT of sport, who is very partial to a round of golf and it considered a pretty solid golfer, who tees it up in many Pro-ams across the globe.

But this latest footage of his swing is questionable! How does it work?

By all means we’re not trying to discourage Jordan’s swing, as in all fairness he is fantastic for the sport and used to have a pretty mean swing when he was in flow back in 1994..

Now talk about a hole in one… nearly. Keep it up MJ we love seeing you play golf and absolutely positive you’ll be crushing it in the new year, you are the GOAT and you have some serious game!

There always something happening with BEEF 

No week would be fully complete without checking in with BEEF and seeing what his latest wild adventures are. So what has BEEF been up to this week then?

It seems that over the season break Andrew Johnston has turned his hand to designing golf courses.

As part of the #TeamTitleist design a hole application, BEEF did not hold back and put together one heck of a tricky hole, could almost give the likes of Pete Dye and Tom Doak a run for their money!

Measuring at 130 yards, the ‘beefburger’ (yes I’ve named it) par-3 is arguably harder than the 17th at TPC Sawgrass. Boasting it’s difficult features such as a pimple sized green,a severe slope on the right-side with water on the right and nice pot bunker guarding the front of the green! What are BEEF’s words of caution? “Better hit a good wedge..” Thanks BEEF.

Just when you thought that Christmas couldn’t come early enough, enjoy this little video of BEEF just being BEEF and dancing along to a singing Christmas hat.. Pretty standard.

DJ’s son Tatum shows Santa attitude

After the roaring success of Dustin Johnson’s 2016 season and his victory of the U.S. Open at Oakmont, the Johnson family were successfully on Santa’s good list.

Tatum Gretzky Johnson is already throwing shade at Santa. ?? (via Paulina Gretzky on Snapchat)

A video posted by Golf Digest (@golfdigest) on

Dec 21, 2016 at 10:46am PST

However, with the latest appearance of DJ and Paulina’s son Tatum they could find their house missed off Santa’s list. Tatum made his feelings clear that he wasn’t interested in meeting the guy in the big red suit.

You’ve got to the love the little guys attitude though! I wouldn’t fancy playing against him in match play, no gimmies would be given at all.

A Christmas present from JC Anderson 

The top present for every golfer is the perfect swing; 45 degree swing plane, strong-loaded coil, the correct shoulder turn and then an explosive impact with fast ball speed.

Well ex-PGA Tour player, JC Anderson has summed it all up in the simplest way possible… not!

The secret that JC gives out are, well not the easiest to understand. “Snap-load your feet, so you can snap-load your power package..” Yes we totally understand you JC, but can you write it down for us?

Tiger broke the internet 

Introducing Tiger Woods as the “Mac Daddy Santa”… Incredibly this is his family Christmas tradition and we have no idea why!

Now every family has their own special Christmas traditions, but they’re all a bit less extreme and usually involve your body being covered up by a Santa suit. But according to Woods, it’s a “Xmas tradition my kids love.” Again, what makes them love it so much?

For a 41-year-old the 18-time Major champ looks in impressive shape when posing shirtless, and has obviously been planning his goatee for some time. I only have one question, why didn’t the person taking the photo, not STOP it from being fabricated in the first place!

Now we couldn’t let Tiger have all the fun… So instantly Tom Irwin and I got straight into the Wood family ‘festive’ spirit! Don’t judge.

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As you can see this weeks social spotlight has been one heck of a ride, it will be back n the new year to see what has changed over the Christmas break.

Have we missed anything out that you’ve spotted in the golfing world this week? Tell us in the comments below!