Feud of the Week: Rory McIlroy vs. Brandel Chamblee

McIlroy has a great sense of humour judging by the way he responded to concerns aired by golf commentator Brandel Chamblee.

Chamblee insinuated that McIlroy’s intense fitness programme could lead to a “destructive path” in the vein of another golfing great.

“I don’t know the full extent of what he’s doing, but when I see the things he’s doing in the gym, I think of what happened to Tiger Woods.

“And I think more than anything of what Tiger Woods did early in his career with his game was just an example of how good a human being can be, what he did towards the middle and end of his career is an example to be wary of.

“That’s just my opinion. And it does give me a little concern when I see the extensive weightlifting that Rory is doing in the gym.”

McIlroy’s response was to post a short clip to Instagram of him lifting some hefty weights to a soundtrack of bouncy house music. Watch the video here.


Rory wasn’t done yet. He had another amusing retort at the pre-tournament press conference for the Northern Trust Open. “Did you do any squats today?” he was asked by one pot-stirring journalist.

“Not yet, but I’m planning to . . . maybe with Brandel on my back.”

Game, set and match.

Video of the Week: PGA Tour players hit vintage clubs


The technology in clubs these days enables golfers to hit the ball sometimes incomprehensively far. But how would professionals fare with wooden clubs from the 1920s?

Instead of modern clubs with graphite shafts and composite metal heads, a selection of pros tried a few shots with some old golf clubs in the run-up to the Northern Trust Open.

What did it feel like? “Soft. Like a bar of soap,” said Jamie Donaldson. Say no more…

Watch the video here


Other Feud of the Week: Donald Trump vs. President Obama

Would Trump beat Obama on the golf course? An interesting question – and Donald Trump certainly thinks so. During a town hall meeting Trump didn’t hesitate to choose himself.

The Donald has clearly lost none of his confidence when it comes to his game, despite the fact the Samuel L. Jackson recently outed him as a cheat.

Just to clarify: what does President Obama score out on the golf course? Well, “that’s classified” apparently. I guess we’ll never know the truth.

In case you missed it…

Justin Timberlake and Carlton from ’The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ entertained the crowds at AT&T Pebble Beach with an epic dance-off. Watch the video here.

It’s a bit sad that Alfonso Ribeiro will only ever be remembered for this dance. Apparently he did do some other stuff after ’The Fresh Prince’…


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