Ink of the week: Rickie Fowler gets Olympic tattoo

It looks like Rickie Fowler (really!) enjoyed his Rio experience, so much so that he’s gone and got an Olympic rings tattoo to celebrate.

Fowler, who missed out on qualifying for the season finale Tour Championship, took some downtime following his wildcard Ryder Cup selection to get inked with his friend Sam Dorman.

Dorman, who took a silver medal in the men’s synchronized diving in Rio de Janeiro last month, also got the Olympic logo to celebrate representing Team USA in Brazil.

Cool or not so much?

Hole-in-one of the week: This might just be the best slam dunk.. ever!

Ever had a hole-in-one? No, me either. Well, imagine recording a 220-yard slam dunk hole-in-one. No, I can’t either.

But American college junior Eddie Wajda did just that for the Wisconsin Badgers at University Ridge Golf Club. The elevated par-3 8th tee proved no match for the youngster and it was all caught on camera!

Is this the best hole-in-one you’ve ever seen? Let us know below!

Piñata of the week: Graham DeLaet gets rid of Fowler’s moustache

Oh it’s Rickie, erm.. again. The American had been sporting a “playoff moustache” but following his exit from the end of season FedEx finals it looks like Fowler finally gave in and shaved.

Alright, so it may have had something to do with a sponsor shoot but fellow PUMA athlete Graham DeLaet decided to celebrate by smashing a moustache piñata!

Seems like a weird guy, right?