Social Spotlight: Rejection for Gerrard & Boo’s new beard

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This week's Spotlight debates growing a beard like Boo and thinks Gerrard should stick to football

Rejection of the Week: Steven Gerrard

Hillside Golf Club rejected Steven Gerrard’s membership this week over concerns about his off-field behaviour.

According to the Sun, the former Liverpool and England captain was denied membership following the emergence of CCTV footage of his involvement in a street brawl in Formby. The video, from August 2013, apparently shows Gerrard throwing a punch in the melee.

After viewing the footage, the Southport club allegedly decided to reject Gerrard’s membership over fears that he would “shame” the club’s reputation.


Gerrard was nominated for membership by ex-Liverpool legends Kenny Dalglish and Alan Hansen, before the committee turned him down.

He has previously spoken of his love of golf, claiming that it helps keep his mind off football.

“I find it helps me to get on to a golf course for four hours, and don’t talk or think about football,” he said.

“I spend half my time looking in the trees for my ball, but at least I am not thinking about football.”

Not at Hillside you won’t be, Stevie.

Style of the Week: Boo’s New Beard

Boo Weekley – a man who once went toe-to-toe with an orangutan – is now the proud owner of a fantastic beard, which he has been rocking at the Sony Open in Hawaii.

Shades of Uncle Jessie from The Dukes of Hazard anyone? Or perhaps someone more festive…


As for that orangutan story, we’ll let the American recount that one himself:

“My buddies were going wild. ’Get him, Boo! Kick his butt!’ They really wanted that $50.

“I moved in close and faked with my right, and that’s the last thing I remember. I woke up bleeding in the back of a friend’s pickup. The orangutan had knocked me cold with one punch, which I didn’t even see coming.

“My friends thought it was hilarious. They said I had a glass jaw and called me ’Glassy’ the rest of the night.”


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