This week, we love PGA Tour Player of the Year elect Justin Thomas, Peter Uihlein and Stacey Lewis – for all kinds of reasons.

Oh, and Yvonne Schrumpf. Who? Exactly.

Also, is it time for the FedEx Cup Playoffs format to change again? Our resident Foghorn Tom Irwin thinks so, but does Slam host Alex Perry agree?

Find out in this week’s Slam…

About the Slam

Founded in 2017 in a tiny green room in Leeds, The Slam, presented by Alex Perry, is National Club Golfer’s irreverent look back on the biggest news of the week from the golfing world.

It has since received rave reviews from the critics:

“This guy is nowhere near as funny as he thinks he is” – Facebook

“I wish he would get his hair cut” – YouTube

“WTF” – Twitter

“I heard him say Tiger Woods. Did he criticise Tiger Woods?” – Tiger Woods fans

“You look very handsome and I’m ever so proud” – Alex’s mum

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