The Open or the British Open? Faldo knows

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From the most-named to the best-named tournament ever, with some Lee Westwood thrown in for good measure. It's this week's Slam...

Do you call it the Open or the British Open? It doesn’t really matter, because Nick Faldo has news for you.

Speaking of tournament names, we’ve discovered the best ever courtesy of Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon.

And Lee Westwood and Andrew ‘Chubby’ Chandler have split! Why? We don’t know, either, but we’ll sure make a joke about it. This is the Slam, after all…

Now, be sure to head over to our brilliant British Open/Open/Open Championship microsite to read all our latest features and take our ridiculously-hard-but-completely-manageable quiz…

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About the Slam

Founded in 2017 in a tiny green room in Leeds, The Slam, presented by Alex Perry, is National Club Golfer’s irreverent look back on the biggest news of the week from the golfing world.

It has since received rave reviews from the critics:

“This guy is nowhere near as funny as he thinks he is” – Facebook

“I wish he would get his hair cut” – YouTube

“WTF” – Twitter

“I heard him say Tiger Woods. Did he criticise Tiger Woods?” – Tiger Woods fans

“You look very handsome and I’m ever so proud” – Alex’s mum

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