FOR those who want accurate, reliable and highly detailed information from a GPS device, SkyCaddie have been the obvious choice for years, but until now there has been a premium to pay in terms of price.

Now they are bringing the Breeze to market, which offers all the precision of previous models
but just with a little less detail at a significantly lower cost.

Better news still is that for the first year of ownership at least, there will be no annual fee to access SkyCaddie’s comprehensive library of over 30,000 courses around the world, including 98 per cent of those in the UK. After that, you will need to pay for an annual subscription.

At its most basic level, using the Breeze involves little more than switching it on when you get your clubs out of the boot, and asking the device to find the nearest course. In theory you will then not need to touch it again until you have finished.

“The new Breeze addresses the needs of a large segment of golferswho are looking for simplicity and accuracy at a price which makes it easier for them to join the SkyCaddie family,” said SkyGolf CEO Richard Edmonson.

Until now, there have been two main reasons not to invest in a SkyCaddie GPS – one was simply the cost and the other that it offered so much information that it was just too complicated for some to use. Lots of us want nothing more from our GPS than a reliable front middle-back measurement at a glance, whenever we need it. The Breeze, then, is off to a great start because SkyCaddie’s mapping is the best in the business.

So was it as straightforward to use as they claim? Once up and running – yes. Personally, I still struggle with the rollerball, and frequently end up pressing it when I want to navigate my way around a menu. Maybe that’s just me.

Apart from that, I couldn’t fault it. Only once during the round did it fail to update automatically on to the current hole and I was able to access the information I wanted instantly and easily. Flipping the Breeze on its side, as you would an iPad, to receive the yardage to the middle of the green is a very clever and useful feature.

It might not quite be foolproof – but it’s the next best thing.

SRP: £229.95

The Breeze comes pre-loaded with SkyCaddie’s global course map database. The first time you use it, a 30-day countdown to registration starts.

Within a month you must log in to the SkyCaddie website to register and enable your FREE Eagle membership for 12 months.

After that you will be prompted to renew your membership and choose from some paid-for options.

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