Golf equipment: Fees waived for SkyCaddie Sport series

Golf Equipment

This great promotion is to celebrate the brand's 10th anniversary

SkyCaddie have announced that anyone purchasing a GPS device from its sub-£200 Sport range will have access to its 30,000+ course maps free of annual charges.

The promotion is part of the company’s 10th anniversary celebrations.

“Newcomers to the sport, and to the DMD1 market, should have the easiest possible access to the best possible information. This offer helps them to avoid a bad golfing experience by using information which may be inaccurate,” said the brand’s Jacqui Surman.

SkyCaddie Sport Series users will be able to access the new promotion, called ‘Go Play’, the minute they register their device. This gives them yardages to the front, middle and back of greens on all courses mapped by SkyCaddie globally.

Access to SkyCaddie’s Club SG service retains its annual subscription fee of £14.95.

Models available in the Sport Series include the Aire (£129.95), the Gimme (£169.95) and the Watch (£179.95).

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