Every golfer is looking for ways to improve their game. However, sometimes it’s the most obvious thing that you need to work on that can completely change your skill set. This guide will look at the six best ways to improve your golf game. Give them a go yourself and see what difference it can make to your golfing experience. 

Get your eyes checked

There are two areas of focus here: visual acuity and eye dominance:

  • Visual acuity is the sharpness of the image you see on the golf course. The better your visual acuity, the more clearly you will be able to read the green and judge distances.
  • Eye dominance is simply which eye you use to focus on distant objects. Everyone has a dominant eye, so it’s important to know which one it is in order to take full advantage of it while practicing. Use your non-dominant eye for range finding and your dominant eye to line up the ball, as this will help you make a more consistent swing.

You should get these factors checked out before you give up the game completely. You might just need new glasses.

Get fit for your putter 

A putter that feels comfortable and allows you to make good contact with the ball is massively important. If you’re struggling to consistently get it close to the hole, try a different model or brand of putter. You need something that feels natural in your hands. The best way to find out is to go and try some different putters at your local golf store.

Use training aids to improve your swing speed

You can use training aids such as weighted clubs or momentum trainers to build up strength and learn correct movement patterns. These tools are available cheaply or for free at all golf clubs. They’re a great way to get stronger without going to the gym.

One example is a momentum trainer, which is a metal rod with resistance bands attached. You hold the rod behind you and swing it forward, allowing the momentum to build up until your whole body is moving through impact. This works on both swing speed and force application, so it will improve your game no end.

Walk more and sit less

Golf is a fantastic way to get out and enjoy the natural world, but too many golfers fail to take advantage of this. As well as taking your clubs for a walk down to the local course, avoid driving everywhere or taking cabs when you could cycle to the next tee. It’s good for your fitness and reduces carbon emissions.

Take some time off

Taking a break from the game and returning to it after two months can help you fill in some of the holes in your game. Use this time away from the course to practice your approach shots or any other aspect that is lacking in your current skill set. Sometimes you just need some time away from the course to fix your game. Put your feet up, watch some TV, and visit Lucky Nugget Casino for some great fun. 

Swing more at home 

Without a target to aim for, you can practice your swing at home. This might seem like an odd idea, but many professionals have small training areas in their homes where they spend hours working on new parts of their game. You can create your own home range with some tees, balls, and a couple of hours to kill.


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