In this winter instruction series elite coach and YouTube star Dan Whittaker is joined at his High Legh headquarters by Alex Perry – a 14-handicapper – and Dan Murphy – who plays off 3 – to run through a variety of drills that can be slightly adjusted depending on your ability. In this episode, Whittaker introduces the NCG boys to ‘Leap Frog’, a game from his short game tips repertoire that will improve your wedge play.

In the video at the top of the page, Dan takes Alex through the mid-handicap version of the drill, while you can watch the low-handicap version here:

As you can see, the principles of the game are the same, with one vital difference.

Leap frog: The low-handicap version

Leap frog: The mid-handicap version

Keep an eye out on NCG’s tips page over the winter months for more in-depth instruction from Dan Whittaker.