Want to increase your options around the greens? Try this simple drill that will teach you how to hit it high and low with each wedge

Improving your short game is a sure-fire way to lower your scores. We teamed up with elite coach Craig Fricker to bring you some short game tips in the form of this great five-ball chipping drill…

Five-ball chipping drill: The main points

The great thing about this drill is its simplicity. Get setup in a narrow stance with and keep your feet in place throughout. Once you’ve done this, all you need to do is move each ball into position.

I like to start with the middle ball as it allows you to present the proper static loft at impact. At address, tilt the club slightly forward and get the club to just brush the grass – this should produce a pretty stock flight.

From here, work backwards into the low shots and make sure the clubhead doesn’t pass the hands. Even with your highest lofted wedge, this will enable you to keep the flight down.

When you move into final two shots, open the face slightly and let the clubhead pass the butt end of the club as I demonstrate. Obviously you’re not going to hit the high shot from the position I’m in but the purpose of the drill is to expand your skillset so you have this shot in your locker when the time calls for it.

Want to learn more? You’ll have to watch the video…

This instruction video was filmed at Lumine Golf Club, host venue of the 2019 European Tour Qualifying School. For more information, visit their website.

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