We all had that one hero when we were young that one day we hoped we would either meet or gain some form of contact with.

Well, golf fan Alex Windebank has managed just that.

The youngster has found Twitter fame after sending Sergio Garcia a letter outlining what he wanted from the rest of the Spaniard’s career.

It seems that the letter, that was dated back to the end of October, has only just found its way into Sergio’s hands and it’s fair to say that the Masters champion enjoyed reading it as he shared it on his Twitter account with his followers…

Alex has said that with practice he would like to see Sergio earn another 23 major titles and reach 90 PGA Tour wins. So, just the greatest golfer of all time then.

Notably he would like the Spaniard to win the Open a number of times just like the rest of the golfing world.

No pressure Sergio. You best get practicing!