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Our anonymous secretary on flexible memberships and value for money

What impact has the Equality Act had on your club?
Very little really as nearly all the requirements are mostly common sense and were already in place here for several years. A couple of rules required re-wording to meet the letter of the law, but the spirit of the law was already in place.

Can you see a time when most clubs will have a flexible membership?
With the reduced amount of free time and money that most people have these days, it is inevitable that more clubs will have to offer cheaper membership options to keep those ‘less frequent’ players as members. Every club has to try and balance the books, and flexible membership may well help.

How badly would a member have to behave to be thrown out the club?
Apart from simply not paying their subs, we had to expel one member last year for theft. Most other actions would probably result in a suspension, rather than expulsion.

What percentage of your members get value for money?
We offer 7 day, 5 day, colt (18-30 years old), junior and flexible membership options, so there is something there for pretty much anyone Well over 90% of our members renew each year.

Do you do anything different to attract new women members?
We have recently started promoting beginner group lessons for ladies only, with an introductory membership offer following on from the lessons, which has already led to some new lady members joining the club.

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