It’s time for another episode of ‘Second Hand Shorts’. You can watch some of the other episodes of the series below:


Today’s short is all about your balance.

Balance is one of the most important aspects in hitting solid golf shots. We spoke to the Pro down at the Shack to see what drill he has for us to make sure we have good balance through the golf swing.

What I’m going to get you to do is hit one shot off your left foot, one off your right foot and finally one shot off both feet.

This drill makes you really work hard and makes you concentrate on your balance through the swing.

So set up as you would do and just take the right foot off the floor before you hit the shot. Repeat this with your left foot, and finally hit a proper shot.

The Pro says that practicing this drill will help you see an improvement in your balance in no time.


The Shack

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