It’s time for another episode of ‘Second Hand Shorts’. You can watch the first three episodes of the series below:

Episode One- The Grip

Episode two- The Takeaway

Episode three- The Long Backswing

Today’s short is all about the one thing that constantly holds you back…your ego.

Your ego makes you do things on a golf course that even the pros have difficulty doing;

  • Trying to fade a 3 wood 40 yards around a tree instead of chipping out on the fairway.
  • Drive the ball 300 yards

So you have an 8 iron, and you might have about 150 yards. You’re really having to jump on that to make the distance and what happens then is you lose your balance and the ball goes miles left.

Not a pretty swing and it just won’t work for you.

So lets take a 7 iron and hit it at 80%. Leave that ego at home and concentrate on hitting a quality golf shot.

This will help give you a better ball strike, a solid finish and make you a happier golfer.

So remember;

  • Leave the ego at home
  • swing at 80% for more consistent ball striking