It’s time for another episode of ‘Second Hand Shorts’. You can watch the first two episodes of the series below:

Episode One- The Grip

Episode two- The Takeaway

Today’s short is all about eradicating the long backswing.

Having a long backswing results in deceleration of the club and your club path getting off plane.

Getting into a simple drill to keep your body connected will result in a shorter backswing and a more compact swing.

The drill is simple, take a head cover from either your driver or fairway woods, place it under your right armpit (left armpit if you’re a lefty) and make a swing.

If the head cover drops you know your backswing is too long.

Keeping the head cover in place means you are not over-swinging the club on the way back.

So remember;

  • Head cover under your right armpit
  • a shorter compact swing results in a better strikes