Second Hand Shorts: Episode 3 - The Long backswing

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The Pro at The Shack shows us how to eradicate the long backswing..

It’s time for another episode of ‘Second Hand Shorts’. You can watch the first two episodes of the series below:

Episode One- The Grip

Episode two- The Takeaway

Today’s short is all about eradicating the long backswing.

Having a long backswing results in deceleration of the club and your club path getting off plane.

Getting into a simple drill to keep your body connected will result in a shorter backswing and a more compact swing.

The drill is simple, take a head cover from either your driver or fairway woods, place it under your right armpit (left armpit if you’re a lefty) and make a swing.

If the head cover drops you know your backswing is too long.

Keeping the head cover in place means you are not over-swinging the club on the way back.

So remember;

  • Head cover under your right armpit
  • a shorter compact swing results in a better strikes


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