Second Hand Shorts: Episode 1- The Grip

Golf Tips

The Pro at the Shack shows us the different ways to grip with the left hand...

Today’s short is the use of the left hand and how we grip it in the golf swing.

We always want to make sure the grip is in a neutral position but there are times we will have to change that out.

There’ll be times you can use the left hand to fight the hook;

  • You want to check that you haven’t gripped to strong.
  • Weaken the grip slightly and have the thumb on the centre of the grip.

If you want to fight the slice;

  • Have the left hand grip a little stronger.
  • Put it more in the fingers and wrap it round a little more

You’ll be able to get a lot more hinge, more strength and generate a little more power in the impact area.

So use the left hand, don’t just go for the neutral grip, you can make it a little stronger or weaker which will hopefully help with a few problems you may have there.

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