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Harry Colt Foundation to make improvements to Camberley Heath over coming years.

Camberley Heath has launched the Harry Colt Foundation to make substantial improvements to the course over the coming years.

The Surrey club has enlisted the services of Infinite Variety Golf Design’s Frank Pont, to assist in the redevelopment.

Infinite Varity is one of Europe’s leading restorers of classic era golf courses, and Camberley Heath’s John Molan said: “When the course was built back in 1913 it was the most expensive course of its time. Naturally changes have taken place throughout this time to modernise the course and additional bunkers have been added and removed.
"The Harry Colt Foundation is tasked with ensuring that the course is consistent to Harry Colt’s philosophy." During November work will begin on a three-year bunker project, with the first phase taking place on the four par 3 holes.

The aims of the foundation are to preserve the values and traditions of the course; to ensure the woodland management, landscaping and regeneration of heather; to create exceptional playing conditions to the Harry Colt design; to ensure the future quality of the course; and to improve the experience for golfers for all abilities.

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