When Scotty Cameron heard club players wanted to use the same style putters as tour stars, they listened. Say hello to the Special Select line

Scotty Cameron Special Select: First impressions

Across the range it is clear to see the visuals have been cleaned up and are much sleeker than previous Select putters. Over the ball I felt the shaping and angles were much sharper and more defined.
Scotty Cameron Special Select

Scotty Cameron Special Select: The technology

New tour-inspired shapes are sleeker with thinner toplines to create looks preferred by tour pros. The putters are milled in the US from solid block of 303 stainless steel and are now insert free for consistent sound and soft feel.

Scotty Cameron Special Select


New weighting provides more in the heel and toe to enlarge the sweet spot and enhance stability.

Neck configurations have been redesigned for clearer visibility of the leading edge. While the whole range provides a variety of neck styles to work with your stroke.

Each putter features a new Pistonlini Plus grip in “cement grey” – does cement come in other colours? – with distinct Scotty lettering as well as a special red headcover.

Scotty Cameron Special Select: NCG Verdict

It’ll come to no surprise to anyone who has read my previous putter reviews that I preferred the larger Flowback shape. I just prefer the visual and stability of a larger putter.

Scotty Cameron Special Select

Across the range I really liked the additional detailing such as the redesigned three-dot pattern and milled in the USA details on the blades.

Performance-wise the feel off the face felt much firmer, which I prefer, and the new weighting allowed me to stabilise my stroke and help me start the ball on-line more consistently.

Scotty Cameron Special Select

With a Scotty Select putter you know you are getting a premium product and this range is no different. Make sure you get out and try these when they hit stores in March.

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