'Some players are always searching for the Holy Grail'

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He designs the best-looking putters on the market, but which model does the man himself use? James Savage gets all the answers from Scotty Cameron in his latest Tech Talk

How particular are tour players when it comes to the looks, sounds and feel of their Scotty Cameron putters?

Scotty Cameron putters

“They’re extremely particular. Some guys are always searching, looking for the Holy Grail.

“Others know what they want to see, feel and hear. Sound and feel are intertwined.

“The feedback received by the player is felt in the hands while it’s heard in the ears.

Scotty Cameron putters

“It’s a subjective analysis and can be very different between players. And from a pure aesthetic perspective, a putter’s visual characteristics and how that appeals to the player is a completely personal preference.

“It’s like the car you drive. What kind of food you like. How your putter looks, feels and sounds is very personal.”

Do you make putters on their request? Or do you make putters which you think will suit them?

Scotty Cameron putters

“Our international team of putter representatives covers the worldwide professional golf tours from Japan to Korea, to the PGA Tour, as well as the European Tour, LPGA and the Web.com, too.

“They carry with them a complete line-up of our blades, mallets and specialised setups to show the pros what we have.

“However, if a guy pulls, say, a Newport 2 from the bag and wants us to do something custom, we will weld a new neck, change the weight, etc. We make custom Tour putters every day that go into play all around the world.

Scotty Cameron putters

“And, if I have a wild thought for a long-time player, I’ll send it to our rep to put it in his locker. Sometimes it goes into play. Sometimes it comes back. It’s all part of it.”

What model do you use?

“I extensively test every model I bring to market. Right now, I’ve got a prototype in the bag that we’re actually going to release this year.

“It’s a brand-new offering that is a bit of a hybrid. It looks like a blade but plays like a mallet. Forgiving, with fast looks. I can’t reveal the name, but it is a new concept.”

More information can be found on the Scotty Cameron website.

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