Our Scott Readman Concepts review took place on the golf course at Moor Allerton.

This was a little bit different to most of our other golf club reviews as we weren’t just looking at the putter itself – we were also looking at the headcovers.

Scott Readman Concepts have a passion for artisan craftsmanship in their putters, headcovers and other bespoke accessories.

They are a British company founded in Bristol, in 2009, by PGA pro Scott Readman.

Over the last 30 years Scott has studied golf equipment design, the materials used and the manufacturing process.

Scott says from his time as a young pro he has refurbished and repaired persimmon woods, crafted and shaped his own putters and wedges for tournaments while continually looking to evolve and improve.

SRC designs can be found in the bags of golfer on professional tours all over the world.

Scott Readman Concepts – First impressions

We were sent one putter and three headcovers to test out.

Scott Readman Concepts review

Starting with the headcovers we had a Pink Herringbone Harris Tweed which is one of 18 made.

There was a Red and White Kimono Silk cover made from 60-year-old silk – one of only four made.

Scott Readman Concepts review

The Kanji symbols mean ‘discipline, soul and strength’.

Finally there was a bright green ‘Tour Only’ cover which is one of only nine made.

Scott Readman Concepts review

Just getting these three items in my hands made me appreciate the ethos of SRC.

Their products are bespoke, unique and each have a story behind them.

This isn’t golf equipment for the mass market, this is tailored gear which allows people to add a really personalised touch and feel to their golf bags.

It’ll raise eyebrows and spark interest on the first tee.

The putter is made from 304 stainless steel, has a milled face and features a welded swan neck.

Scott Readman Concepts review

Scott says the neck is shaped by hand using an oxy-acetylene torch.

Scott Readman concepts review

It has a unique ‘Bubbles’ design on the sole, has a True Temper shaft and a premium Xotics leather grip.

Scott Readman concepts review grip

Scott Readman Concepts – The results

Well, there’s no way you can really test a headcover – that would just be a bit silly.

But I have to say these all feel incredibly well-made and look fantastic.

I’ve never really looked at this sort of golf equipment in much detail and it’s a world away from the gear you’d purchase from one of the major brands.

It’s not mass-produced, it feels warm, hand-made and like there’s been a bit of love put into each item.

Scott Readman concepts review

As someone who gets equipment samples arriving on his desk at regular intervals – the experience is often quite cold.

X driver and Y fairway wood in a polythene bag and a cardboard box with a packing sheet.

The SRC items arrived accompanied with a hand-written note explaining the story behind each item.

I really enjoyed using the putter out on the course.

It has a shorter shaft than what I’m used to but again, the look and feel are both premium and bespoke.

I found the putter very easy to align and there’s a lovely soft feel off the face.

I’d have no problem gaming this putter for the 2017 season.

Scott Readman Concepts – NCG Verdict

Putting is such a personal thing – everyone finds their own way of getting the ball into the hole.

So when it comes to a putter, why wouldn’t you want it to have that personal touch?

It’s not always about having a putter that is technically going to match your putting stroke, (although this will help lots of people) it’s also about having something that makes you happy and fills you with confidence.

So the idea of a personalised SRC putter complete with unique headcover makes a lot of sense.

If you can love your putter, you will love your golf a lot more.

For more information visit the Scott Readman Concepts website.