Scotland: Tour caddie's killer jailed

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Neil Fyfe from Aberdeen was killed by a drink driver in New York.

An Aberdeenshire caddie who had carried the bag of some of the game’s biggest names, was hit and killed by a drink driver after his first day at a new club.

Neil Fyfe, 28, was fulfilling a lifelong dream by caddying for the likes of Luke Donald, Keegan Bradley, Dustin Johnson and even Michael Jordan.

However, last May, while cycling home from his first day at Sebonack Golf Club on Long Island, Fyfe was hit by a 4×4 driven by 22-year-old student Jesse Steudte.

At a recent Suffolk County Court appearance, Steudte admitted manslaughter for recklessly causing Fyfe’s death. He also admitted further charges of vehicular manslaughter and driving while intoxicated and was jailed for a minimum of four years. 

A statement from Fyfe’s family following the verdict said: “Neil loved America, the people, their positivity to life and the lifestyle there. He had a bright future in the world of golf caddying and he mixed easily with some of the top stars of the game and relished the challenges presented to him. In Neil’s own words, he was ‘living the dream’.

‘He was living the dream’ “Jesse received a minimum of four years and we are happy that Neil has received justice for his untimely death. The massive loss and impact upon our lives has been devastating and we will forever live a life sentence without Neil.”

The court heard how Steudte had driven through a stop light at a crossroads when he struck Mr Fyfe, who was cycling across a pedestrian crossing.

Although witnesses tried to resuscitate him before paramedics arrived, he died shortly after arrival at Southampton Hospital.

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