Scotland: Talented teens show keepy-uppy skills

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Video of St Andrews golfers goes viral.

A video of two St Andrews teenagers larking around on the range at St Andrews Links Golf Academy has been viewed over 1.6 million times.

Keith Bowman and Conor Maccallum filmed a video of themselves keeping a golf ball in the air at the academy’s range.

The trick shot video was shared on The Sports Bible Facebook page and has since gone viral, earning the boys worldwide fame.

Bowman plays off a handicap of one and has been part of the Scottish golf academy performance development squad since the age of 11.

He said: “We were shocked. In 20 minutes 200,000 people had seen this and it was going crazy. Now, just days later, the number of views has soared to 1.6 million.”

‘It’s not something we teach at the academy’ Conor plays off two and is a member of the Scottish development squad.

Steve North is director of instruction at the St Andrews academy and has been working with the teenagers for around eight years.

He said: “It’s a bit of fun, and not something we teach at the golf academy. I won’t ask how many times it took them to film the video but it takes skill none-the-less.”

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