East Kilbride’s new professional has said he is bringing European Tour-quality coaching to the Nerston club.

Graeme Bell has joined the team after former pro Paul McKay ended his 13-year stay at the club.

Speaking to the East Kilbride News, Bell said: “It’s a huge deal to be part of one of, if not the, busiest clubs in the area and we have such a friendly and diverse membership.

“I’m looking forward to giving our members the services that the pros on the Tour receive.”

A former master club fitter at TaylorMade, Bell is also the former head of Dubai’s Al Badia golf resort and Linlithgow in West Lothian.

‘This is the same system that tracks missiles’ East Kilbride’s pro shop has recently been revamped, while Bell has brought 3D radar tracking to the club, one of only a few in the country to use the technology.

Bell explained: “Most clubs use video, but that only gives two dimensions and you don’t see the club delivery. But the equipment we are using, called FlightScope, is the same system that tracks missiles, so we can show our members how the ball moves in a certain way, why it does that, and adjust their game accordingly.

“By using this state-of-the-art radar ball tracking equipment and high speed video, we can quantify this and give the player factual reasons why they are not achieving their goals.”