Scotland: Clubs vote in favour of union merger

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Independent poll says clubs want Scottish Golf Union and Scottish Ladies Golf Association to amalgamate.

Scottish clubs have “overwhelmingly” backed the proposal to amalgamate the Scottish Golf Union and the Scottish Ladies’ Golf Association.

An independent poll saw 362 clubs cast their vote, with 97 per cent in favour of the merger.

The number of voters represented 58 per cent of all clubs and eligible societies and Scottish Golf Union chairman Tom Craig said: “I’m delighted that clubs in every Area of the country have overwhelmingly supported the Proposal. This sends out a powerful message about what clubs want to help build a positive future for the game in Scotland.


“We thank all clubs for taking the time to participate in the independent Poll and we expect that the Poll, along with any local consultation process undertaken by an Area, will provide those charged with voting at the SGU EGM on 30 March with a clear mandate from their affiliated clubs. 

“I look forward to seeing all 16 Area representatives in Stirling and approach this historic occasion with great optimism.”

Only 11 of the clubs surveyed answered no to the question, which was conducted by independent market research company 4 global Consulting Ltd.

The results of the poll will now be included in the proposal document for an extraordinary general meeting, to be held on March 30 in Stirling, where a final vote will be cast by Scottish area delegates.

Last month, the Membership of the SLGA backed the proposal to amalgamate with the SGU after a unanimous margin of 204 – 0 at their Annual General Meeting.


The proposal outlines how amalgamation can provide a platform for a new governing body to lead Scottish golf in the future.


Scotland’s leading male and female golfers, Stephen Gallacher and Catriona Matthew, have also backed the plans to amalgamate the two governing bodies for the future benefit of the game.

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