Scotland: Club managers back anti-litter campaign

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Scotland's charity for the environment supported by Golf Club Managers Association of Scotland.

Scotland’s charity for the environment, Keep Scotland Beautiful, has welcomed the support of golf club managers for their anti-litter campaign.

The Scottish Golf Club Managers Association has joined the Clean-up Scotland campaign and hopes to eliminate the tons of litter and tipping that finds its way on to the country’s courses each year.

In support of the partnership, SGCMA’s Allan Osborne said: “We are delighted to join in partnership with Keep Scotland Beautiful in support of the Clean-up Scotland campaign. For too long noes, golf club staff and volunteers have had the unenviable task of clearing up the litter and fly-tipping that blights our golf courses all across Scotland. At a time when golf clubs are feeling the squeeze, this costs valuable time and money that would be much better spent elsewhere.

“In addition, golf tourism plays such an important role in the life of so many clubs so it really is vital that we present those visitors with courses that are free of litter and mess. I am sure that golfers everywhere will be keen to support this campaign and play their part by taking care of their own club, encouraging fellow members to dispose of their litter in the bins that are provided and also for them to be on the lookout for illegal dumping.”

‘Hopefully our partnership will highlight this reckless behaviour’ Over 50,000 people have taken the Clean-up Scotland pledge, with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon becoming the 50,000th to sign up. 500,000 individual volunteering actions have already taken place to take local clean-up action in communities across Scotland since the launch of the campaign two years ago.

Keep Scotland Beautiful chief executive Derek Robertson said: “I am delighted that the GCMA is able to support the Clean-up Scotland Campaign. We all know how significant the golfing industry is to Scotland and it is vitally important that our courses are in pristine condition. It is appalling that individuals think it is acceptable to fly-tip their unwanted goods on to our great golf courses or, indeed, for golfers to discard their litter without consideration.

“Hopefully our partnership will help highlight this reckless behaviour and lead to a change.”

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