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The selection process for the Ryder Cup players has varied over the years. In the early contests the teams were generally decided by a selection committee but later qualification based on performances was introduced.

The current system by which most of the team is determined by performances with a small number of players selected by the captain (known as “wild cards” or “captain’s picks”) gradually evolved and has been used by both sides since 1989.

The qualification and selection process for the 2012 Ryder Cup is:

Team Europe

Nick Faldo represented Europe at a record 11 Ryder Cups and holds the record for most Ryder Cup points won (25).

The European team qualification rules have changed since 2010. The European Points List now takes precedence over the World Points List, while the captain’s picks have been reduced from 3 to 2 with the top 5 players in the World Points List now qualifying rather than the top 4. The team will consist of:

  • The leading five players on the Ryder Cup European Points List
  • Points (1 Point = 1 Euro) earned in official European Tour events from 1 September 2011 to the conclusion of the 2012 Johnnie Walker Championship on 26 August

The leading five players, not qualified above, on the Ryder Cup World Points List

  • Total World Rankings Points earned in Official World Golf Ranking events from 1 September 2011 to 20 August 2012 and thereafter in the 2012 Johnnie Walker Championship only

Two captain’s picks

Team USA

The United States qualification rules remain the same as for 2010 and the team will consist of:

  • The leading eight players on the Ryder Cup Points List
  • Points gained from money earned in majors in 2011 and official PGA tour events in 2012 up to 12 August (i.e. up to and including money earned at the 2012 PGA Championship). Money earned in 2012 majors count double and money earned in 2012 alternate events (those played opposite the majors or World Golf Championships) count half.

Four captain’s picksContent used with permission from Wikipedia

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