Mark Townsend: It’s ridiculous having it in October, it’s golf’s biggest spectacle by miles so why not show it off in June-July and just start the qualifying earlier?

Joe Urquhart:  The issue of having it in October when hosted in Britain always seems a bit strange given the weather here.

Mark Townsend: Don’t see any reason why it can’t just move around to suit the venue/climate. Why not have the Open as the last qualifying event?

Dan Murphy: The PGA Tour call the shots here despite – or should that be because of – having no jurisdiction over the Ryder Cup. The latter needs to fit into the former’s schedule is the truth of it, or risk some of the players being unavailable.

Craig Middleton: I agree with Mark, it’s a special event and it should be played when players are at their best. I always worry that some players will be burnt out by the time it comes around after the FedEx events.

Dan Murphy: Hopefully, with the move of the PGA leading to the FedEx Cup play-offs getting wrapped up in August will mean the Ryder Cup can get back to early or – at the latest – mid-September. You would like to think we won’t be trying to play it in the British Isles in early October ever again.

Mark Townsend: If it was earlier on we might have time in the day to get all 12 players out there. Everyone thought the world would fall in when they had to change the format in Wales and that part of it was tremendous.

Craig Middleton: I say have it in between the Open and FedEx play-offs. Break the mould. Defy the system.

Joe Urquhart: The one aspect I really enjoy about having it at that time of the season is that the build up throughout the year is fantastic.

James Savage: I don’t think there’s a problem having it in September/October. It’s a nice treat to pick you up after the majors are finished.

Joe Urquhart: I can understand the fear of burn out but having so many tournaments from the start of the year to September means that every week it means something to someone trying to get in there.

James Savage: Let’s just make sure we never have it in Wales again.

Joe Urquhart: What was wrong with Wales?

James Savage: Too rainy.

Joe Urquhart: As opposed to the beautiful Scottish weather…

James Savage: It rains in South East Wales more than any other part of the UK. I retract my previous statement – let’s never go to Celtic Manor again. Always have it on a links course, of which Wales boasts many. I like Wales.

Alex Perry: I love the idea of having it on a links course. And the idea of having players win holes with an 8 or 9.

Mark Townsend: Having lived in Manchester I know this not to be true. Though Manchester isn’t likely to hold the Ryder Cup…

James Savage: Liam Gallagher could hit the opening tee shot.

Joe Urquhart: What about Kingsbarns? I like Kingsbarns.

Dan Murphy: Really? You should have said.

Joe Urquhart: They should just have everything there.

James Savage: Hillsborough would make an excellent venue.

Joe Urquhart: The stadium or the golf course? Maybe they should have the Ryder Cup course completely surrounded like football… imagine the scenes.

James Savage: There’s definitely an argument for the Ryder Cup being held at a ‘stadium course’ like Sawgrass or Scottsdale. What are the European equivalents?

Joe Urquhart: Kingsbarns, obviously…

Dan Murphy: Le Golf National?