The former European Tour referee tells Steve Carroll how club golfers can make life easier for themselves when it comes to the Rules of Golf

John Paramor has probably forgotten more about the Rules of Golf than most of us know. In a career which spanned nearly 45 years and saw him rise to the European Tour’s chief referee, he was the familiar face in the buggy racing round the world’s biggest tournaments dispensing his considerable knowledge.

But while the Rules of Golf can become second nature to those who have spent a life immersed in them, for many of us at our clubs they remain a thing of mystery.

Whether it’s struggling to understand the technicalities or being put off by the prospect of delving into potentially hundreds of pages of text, it can be a challenge to wrap your heads around what’s required to play the game as it should be.

In our Rules of Golf explained video series, which you can find here and on YouTube, John has been breaking down common rules situations and giving you the benefit of his experience.

In this week’s From the Clubhouse podcast, we get into how to learn the Rules of Golf, making it easier to understand them, and make your game more enjoyable…

How to learn the Rules of Golf: John Paramor joins the From the Clubhouse podcast

John joined me on the NCG From the Clubhouse podcast to discuss this in more depth.

You can listen to the full episode in the player below, or search ‘The NCG Podcast’ in your preferred podcast platform.

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