Decisions made here affect every golfer on the planet. Grant Moir, the R&A's director of rules, joins the From the Clubhouse podcast from NCG to give us a fascinating insight into his world

You can’t watch a golf tournament now without social media dissecting every inch of the Rules of Golf. Was that drop from the right place, did that player take the right procedures?

Whether it’s because of the changes that came in at the start of 2019, or that ability to discuss in real time incidents that happen on the professional tours, there’s no doubt interest in the Rules of Golf have surged in recent years.

That’s permeated through every part of the game – each week I get field plenty of questions from you as part of National Club Golfer’s Rules of Golf explained column.

Helping to drive that interest forward is my guest on the From the Clubhouse podcast this week, the R&A’s director of Rules Grant Moir.

Grant’s Rules from the Garden and the 12 Rules of Christmas have been some of the highlights of golf during lockdown over the past year and a recent Rules Week held by the governing body has only reinforced that.

We talked about the recent refereeing qualification that’s been launched by the governing body, what an average – non Covid day looks in the rules part – and Grant reveals his favourite refereeing memory.

The From the Clubhouse podcast with R&A Rules of Golf director Grant Moir

Listen to the full episode in the player below, or search ‘The NCG Podcast’ in your preferred podcast platform.

What do you think of the R&A’s new rules qualification? Is it something you’d be interested in pursuing? Let me know in the comments, or tweet me.

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