The former European Tour chief referee is on hand to explain your options from beyond the yellow and red stakes

In this Rules of Golf Explained series in association with TaylorMade, I’m joined by former European Tour chief referee John Paramor to discuss various situations in which you might find yourself on the golf course and how you deal with them within the boundaries of the game’s laws. In this episode, John explains how to take relief from a penalty area.

How to take relief from a penalty area

Have you ever found your golf ball in a penalty area – formerly known as a hazard – and not known what to do? You are absolutely not alone.

And that’s exactly what has happened to me in this episode of Rules of Golf Explained with John Paramor. From here, John explains your options and what must happen next, both with red staked penalty areas, and yellow staked penalty areas.

Watch the video at the top of the page for his full explanation.

This Rules of Golf series was filmed in association with TaylorMade at Sunningdale Heath Golf Club.

You can find more videos of John helping me out of sticky rules situations on the NCG YouTube channel on the Rules of Golf Explained playlist.

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