Is Rory the most frustrating golfer to watch?

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In the second PGA Championship edition of Fourball, the team discuss Rory McIlroy, the European challenge, and, err, Alan Partridge

Each day from Bellerive, four of the NCG team get together to ask each other the pressing questions on the fourth major. In this edition of Fourball, Dan Murphy, Steve Carroll, James Savage and Alex Perry take to the tee to discuss why Rory McIlroy is the cause of so much frustration at the PGA Championship and much more…

Dan: Dominik Holyer. The man Steve Coogan allegedly based Alan Partridge on. Discuss.

Steve: Of all the crimes committed by Eleven Sports this week, Holyer’s presence is probably one of the less offensive. On the irritating scale, he’s mid-table with Seb Carmichael-Brown the clear title winner. I’ve found the constant switching of voices between TNT, CBS, the PGA and the Eleven Sports studio a bit jarring but Hoyler seems to me to be a solid enough presence.   

James: Holyer was a decent foil for Jamie Donaldson actually. I’ve not had too many issues with the coverage. I’ve quite enjoyed watching Seb because I feel like he’s on the brink of saying something ridiculous. I’d love to see how he’d handle an annoyed Henrik Stenson…

Alex: If that Coogan-Holyer anecdote is true then I need to see the footage of Holyer that inspired it. I think Holyer has done a decent job this week, though find it a bit bizarre that we haven’t seen him. More golf, less Seb walking through the merchandise tent please.

Steve: At we gather round, the par-3 3rd is playing nearly half a shot under par today. Can you think of an easier short hole in major history?

James: With greens as receptive as this it does seem very friendly. But I’d say a driveable par 4 is often easier than any par 3. Maybe the 5th at Birkdale? 3rd at Augusta?

Alex: I really can’t, Steve. I really can’t. Maybe the 16th at Augusta? But Dan is going to say that…

Dan: The 16th at Augusta springs to mind whenever they put the pin in the big sink hole that is the back left. And the 8th on the Old Course can only really be protected by the wind and the lone bunker in front of that huge, flat green. But no, par 3s in majors are normally to be survived rather than cashed in on.

So what are the team’s views on Rory McIlroy being the most frustrating golfer to watch? And where is the European challenge coming from? Fourball continues on the next page…

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