Robert Streb makes five birdies putting with his sand wedge

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American snapped his putter at the 9th hole and proceeded to use his wedge

Robert Streb might not have won The Greenbrier but he left his mark after making it into the play-off after putting with his 56˚ wedge from the 10th hole onwards.


The American tossed his putter towards his bag on the 9th when it snapped at the bottom of the shaft, at the time he was one off the lead.


He then knocked in five birdie putts coming home and just ‘three-wedged’ once at the 17th. 


“I kind of tossed it right next to the bag and it hit the bottom and went flying, like uh-oh,” Streb said.


“I wasn’t tossing it very far, I meant it land it next to the bag, and it hit the bottom of the bag and the head went flying. 


“It was not my intent, but that was what happened, and so I was like, well, let’s see what we can do with a wedge and I stuffed a couple right from there and made a couple of good putts.


“My caddie Steve actually was like, you might want to grab the one with the flattest edge, so gave it a rip and made a few putts with it.


“Yeah, those couple of short ones to start were nice. I’ve never had to do it in competition, so wasn’t sure what to expect. I made a long one on 13 and unfortunately 17 I gassed it a little bit, but I would say it went better than I expected.”


He was allowed to use a replacement in the extra holes but he never got to use it as Danny Lee and David Hearn made birdies.

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