Rife launch Switchback XL putter

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Offering custom fit Tour performance

Rife have announced they are to launch their newest adjustable putter in the form of the Switchback XL.

The stainless steel putter offers players the ability to change weight options in the toe and heel.

With weight adjustability options from 375g to 415g, players can mix weights to produce a total weight bias of 395g to either toe or heel.

This adds another custom fit option to Rife’s long standing Lie-Aline custom fitting system.

When purchasing in store, golfer’s will be able to have the putter setup to the perfect lie angle relative to their set up.

The white sight line and the notch on the back of the face gives golfer’s a repeatable stance when the sole of the putter is flat to the floor.

The putter face has a milled face – the RollGroove technology – which delivers a a quick, true roll by gripping the ball forward at impact.

Available: Spring 2015
SRP: £149.99
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