UP-AND-COMING putter manufacturers Rife have announced the addition of belly and long putters to their extensive range.  

Since Keegan Bradley’s win in the 2011 US PGA Championship, belly putters have swept into club shops up and down the country, with sales tripling. 

Rife’s new line will be available in a variety of styles from traditional blade to large mallet, with the brand offering a custom fit option for its customers. 

Retailers will have the use of an extendable putter which can be used in store or on the putting green so that the perfect length of belly or long putter can be found for the customer

Coupled with Rife’s LieAline fitting system, it sets the correct lie angle to create a putter that is perfect for the golfers swing, shape and size. 

All models also feature the RollGroove face technology for a quick, true roll. 

The belly range features the Barbados, Deep Blue & Two Bar Hybrid Mallet putters with SRP £179 and the long range includes the Two Bar Hybrid Mallet putter, SRP £199.