It might not quite have been the Sunday at Sawgrass that Rickie Fowler and Justin Thomas had envisaged but there was still plenty of drama to be had

On the Sunday that he might have been hoping to add a second Players crown and a first win in just over a year Rickie Fowler was coming very close to golf’s magical figure.

On Thursday Fowler shot an opening 76 at Sawgrass before the PGA Tour shut things down, three days later he was out playing with his good mate Justin Thomas and the pair of them lit the place up.

It’s not clear where they played – there are some suggestions that it is Michael Jordan’s The Grove – but this is what happened…

Thomas was round in 65 and lost by five shots with Fowler producing nines of 31-29. His opponent came to the last two holes needing a couple of birdies to break 60 – in the end he managed ‘just’ one at the 18th.

Other observations which are mainly borne for a ridiculous thirst for any type of golf are that Thomas calls himself ‘JT’ and Fowler ‘Rick’ and that he has particularly neat handwriting.

And it doesn’t appear to have been a straight matchplay given the hole scoring continued after what would have been a 4&3 drubbing.

Otherwise ‘Rick’ had nine 3s and two 2s on his card and Thomas doesn’t circle his birdies.

And, given this is social media, the funniest/harshest comment came from some wag who came out with “Fowler finally shows up on a Sunday.” Ouch.

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