We have been enjoying golfers' tales of getting back into the game since the lockdown restrictions were lifted – but none have been as much of a rollercoaster as this round

Richard Mansell, who finished second on the EuroPro Tour last season, was playing at Beau Desert on Tuesday when he carded one of the most incredible rounds of golf you’ll ever likely see.

Yes, that really is a hole-in-one on the par-4 8th en route to an outward 26.

And playing the first 16 holes in 50 shots before a bogey-par finish that costs you a sub-60 round? Well that will explain the facepalm emoji.

“For those asking about the 8th hole last night,” Mansell, who already has a 58 on his CV, tweeted the morning after. “I played off the yellow tees as they’re the only tees out to protect the course with limited greens staff – and I respect them all at my club.

“It’s about 360 yards, dogleg left through the trees uphill. It’s playing downwind and I hit a high draw.

“The last three times I’ve played the hole I’ve knocked it on but last night it went in.”

“Fortunately, I [was] playing with the club’s general manager and there was a twoball on the green.

“As we [were] walking up [to] the hole I [saw] one of them walking back towards me thinking I was going to get a bollocking for nearly hitting them.

“Turns out he was more buzzing than me and couldn’t believe what he had just seen.

“When it’s your day, it’s your day.”

Have you ever had a hole-in-one on a par 4? We’d love to hear about it. You can let us know in the comments below or on Twitter.

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