Hole More Putts – it’s something every golfer on the planet would like to do.

And seeing as winter is almost upon us and the nights are drawing in, we’ll soon start making bold statements about a practice schedule to get the handicap down.

One product that can certainly help is Hole More Putts. It aims to do exactly what it says on the tin.

The tablet-sized board records all the key information about your putting stroke then provides video tips via an app on how you can improve.

Hole More Putts

It’s like a launch monitor for putting and can be used anywhere.

We’ve been putting it through it’s paces in the NCG office for the past few months…

Hole More Putts review – First impressions

The device comes in a really smart box and is roughly the size of an iPad.

Hole More Putts

It looks very ‘techy’ as you’d expect as there are lots of sensors which record the putting stroke.

It’s light and very easy to transport. What’s great about it is the fact you can literally set it up anywhere.

Hole More Putts

In your hallway at home or a corridor in the office seem like ideal locations to me.

Hole More Putts review – Getting started

There’s a very simple step-by-step guide to get the device calibrated which takes a few minutes.

Then you need to download the app and get the tablet synced with your mobile or iPad.

Hole More Putts review


The whole process is very simple and takes around 10 minutes from taking it out of the box to be able to start hitting putts.

It is recommended that you place a target about 10-12ft away from the device then put something an old shaft a couple of feet in front.

You’re not supposed to see where the ball finishes as that will cause you to alter your stroke to compensate for your misses.

The other bonus of this is your balls are easy to gather after each session.

Hole More Putts

You must hit five sets of five putts to allow the device to get enough information about your stroke to start making recommendations for improvements.

For each putt you place the ball in the middle of the device then line up your putter until the flashing red light goes green.

After each putt, information does appear on screen but it doesn’t give you a score until you have hit five.

Hole More Putts review – The results

It’s as easy to use as it is to set up and after a while it gets quite addictive as you try and beat your score.

After a few sets you need to sync the device with your mobile or tablet to get all the detailed feedback.

The information and feedback is excellent showing the five key elements of the putting stroke – face angle, impact point, path, speed and attack angle.

Hole More Putts

A lot of the information will make far more sense to a PGA professional than your average club golfer but it’s clear that the best scores come from being consistent.

I do think a little bit more information should be more easily available on what numbers are good and which are bad.

What is a good path? Attack angle? Speed? – this information is available through the website but it does take a bit of finding.

The images of what the putter is doing during the stroke is really useful.

So after you’ve hit more than five sets the app will start offering tips on how to improve path, attack angle and speed etc…

These videos are very short – sometimes 20 seconds long and offer up simple drills on how to improve certain aspects of your putting.

Some of these can be done at the home or the office which again makes this an excellent winter training aid.

Hole More Putts review – NCG verdict

So is this a consumer product or a product for PGA professionals?

This is very much a device which records what the putter is doing rather than what the ball does.

Personally, I’d see this more as a device for pros as I think even the most dedicated club golfer may be reluctant to part with £449 for one.

But for a pro, it would really enhance lessons around putting and give golfers a tangible diagnosis of where they were going wrong on the greens.

It’s rare to have a lesson these days without Trackman, GC2 or FlightScope numbers and the Hole More Putts gives just as good information as those devices.

So from that point of view, it’s not that expensive for a pro who will spend upwards of £10,000 for their launch monitor.

I can’t fault the functionality of this product and the information on offer. It’s fun to use and as I said, it can be addictive as you try and improve your scores.

Hole More Putts

And I really like the fact you can view the information via mobile and desktop.

But I think using it in conjunction with a PGA professional would be much more valuable than just using it on your own.

If you’re serious about improving your putting this winter then I’m certain this device would go a long way to helping you do that.

SRP: £449

More information can be found on the Hole More Putts website.