Rebecca McGinley holds the 2015 UK womens Long Drive title, and finished 3rd at the 2015 World Long Drive Championships.

She played in ten LETAS tournaments during 2015. Her best finish of the season came at the final tournament of the season, the WPGA International Challenge.

Rebecca joins us down at The Shack to talk us through how she hits a draw shot..

I struggle to play a really good draw because of the natural path of my swing.

But if I was looking to play a draw I would be aiming a little bit further right of target.

People say the your club face sends the ball and your club path bends it. So if you have everything facing right, and your club face going to where you want the ball to finish, you won’t go far wrong.

Rebecca then demonstrates the shot with great results on Trackman..

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 16.26.21

The pro wanted to digest the shot;

Most people would like to hit that shot there. You can see that your club path changed massively compared to your normal shot.

In to out 4 degrees, club face slightly open but closed to the path, the spin axes slings it round giving us a beautiful draw.

Rebecca and the Pro sat back down to talk about the three key points when hitting a draw..

1- Make sure your body is aligned to the right

2- Club face aiming at target

3- Extend your arms and club through the ball.