Powakaddy Touch

There aren’t too many gripes about electric trolleys but one area some struggle with is getting the right pace without continually adjusting speed settings.

Powakaddy believe they came up with the answer with the release of their new Touch model earlier this year. To operate, you simply place your hand on the handle and start walking.

The trolley will then adjust to your walking pace. We rounded up four members from Moor Allerton who were given a full demo before testing it out.


NAME: Aaron Selman



TESTER COMMENTS: It’s very important to me how the trolley folds down and travels in and out of the car. The Touch was a joy to work with, folding down effortlessly and taking the same amount of room my older Freeway took in the boot, although arguably the Touch is more compact as it folds away with the battery connected.


On the course it did take some time to get used to. After nine holes man and machine were functioning as one, effortlessly traversing the course in perfect synchronisation. Controlling her on hills was tricky. Going up she wanted to run off eagerly and going down it was difficult to find the right speed.

NAME: Adam Matthews



TESTER COMMENTS: I work at Moor Allerton so it was nice to test it on a day off at Fulford. One the whole, I was really impressed with the Powakaddy Touch trolley.


After a couple of holes getting used to the handle, it was really easy to use. I loved how smooth it was running at your walking pace and you never felt you were chasing it or being held up. It always felt very stable and handled most ground conditions well. The Touch is easy to transport as it’s quite compact and lightweight and really easy to fold away.

NAME: Lee Grimes



TESTER COMMENTS: Nice looks – streamlined and compact. Easily fits into my saloon car boot with room for my tour-size bag and shoes. The touch is a lot lighter than some on the market and was easy to lift with one hand even with the wheels still on.


I put it up and down in less than 10 seconds – really, really easy. It was a bit jerky when pushing and pulling to speed up and slow down. Over flat terrain the speed control handle was easy to get the balance with walking pace but I found on hilly inclines or descents it was hard to get a good control of the speed and was a little bit frustrating. I’m sure in time I would get used to it.

NAME: Richard Ashmore


COURSE TESTED AT: Royal Birkdale

TESTER COMMENTS: As a long-term electric trolley user the prospect of having a trolley that goes at the same pace as I walk – and not suddenly setting off very quickly because I’ve left the speed setting on 9 – was quite inviting.


It’s more compact than similar models and fits very neatly into the boot of my car which is a massive bonus. It’s easily assembled and packs away very quickly.

It takes some getting used to too but when you do it’s brilliant. A little jerky to begin with but that’s more about the golfer than the trolley. You soon adjust to smaller movements and then it’s great and never gets away from you.


All our readers were very impressed with the construction of the Touch and in particular how easy it was to assemble, fold away and store. The handle did take a while to get used to but everyone mastered it after a few holes.

The two readers who tested on a hilly course (Moor Allerton) did have a bit more difficulty whereas the two who tested on flatter courses found it worked like a dream.